GHOR – Somrat Sij & GR Tanmoy

Somrat Sij & GR Tanmoy released a collaboration project titled “Ghor” addressing the untold battles of every ordinary Bangladeshi people. In the record GR & Somrat get their frustrations out with everything happening all around us. Many of the things Somrat Sij talked about in the song are the realities that eventually get buried at the end of the day. We have also seen many journalists and media photographers getting locked up or disappear every time they try to capture our harsh reality in their own ways.

GR Tanmoy is one of the most talented Rap Artist, lyricists & Music Producer we have in the underground scene right now. Everything the artist has released so far instantly became the fan-favorite generating crazy authentic hits on his youtube channel without even having an official music video. Gr Tanmoy also made official soundtracks for various Bangladeshi Dramas.

Somrat Sij is one of the craziest lyricists in the scene. The artist has been rapping for a long time now collaborating with every talented underground artist from the OG era to the newer generation. Somrat Sij lowkey becoming the OG of the underground with the level of works he is producing right now. We have also seen Somrat Sij making numerous intense fire projects with none other than the legendary Taurra Safa under the name of “BHOB”


The record is produced, engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by the multi-talented GR Tanmoy. Performed & Written By Somrat Sij, GR Tanmoy


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