🔥 Ki Koilo? Exclusive first single from Stoic Bliss III

Stoic Bliss III – Ac1d x Kazzurg

Stoic Bliss just released their first ever track from the third album Stoic Bliss III. Kazi and Ac1D killed it. Moreover, the track contains sample from their old track. This is just a small tease for what we are going to get this EID. Stoic Bliss in the building baby!

There you go.

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Written by Rezaul Karim Arif

Love For Bangla Hip-Hop Forever :)


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  1. ফাটাইয়া ফেলছিস সন! ফোনে ডাউনলোড দিয়া রাখলাম, এখন থেকে শুধু Stoic Bliss চলবে!

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