NS Announces Debut Album Feat. Nizam Rabby, T.Zed & More

Ataus Chowdhury, known professionally as NS, is a 27yr old Bangladeshi rapper, producer, and sound engineer. Born in Dhaka, NS had a very diverse upbringing as he grew up between Holland and Italy. He was introduced to the Italian rap scene there and started actively following underground artists.NS took an avid interest in music when he was 15yrs old listening to Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, and 50cent, but has been influenced more currently by XO, 808Mafia, Metro Boomin, and Sonny Digital. Aiming to create music that reflects who he is, NS stands out with his versatility which can be heard in his sharp and punchy tracks. Heā€™s taken the underground scene by storm by dropping singles such as Lockdown featuring Asir & T.Zed, Potion featuring Sezan Mahmud & Asir, and Lone Wolf featuring Nu Image & SHUFFLE.

NS announced his debut album titled “Shantaram” a full-length album project featuring some amazing talents & stars from The Bangladeshi Hip Hop underground scene including Bishal Karim, Nizam Rabby, T.Zed, Shuffle, and more. International artists such as Squablz (US), Hecava Mecca (US) & Zeo Zeonardo (UK grime)Ā  are also making appearances on the project collaborating with the Bangladeshi Rap artists for the very time. The name of the album was inspired by the all-time favorite book ‘Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts.


Back on February 11, NS announced the album on his social media with a single from the album titled “Corrupted


The lead single from the album features none other than Nizam Rabby aka Banglar Bagh & T.Zed also the official album cover and the tracklist. Check out the artworks below


I am delighted to announce the release of Corrupted featuring Nizam Rabby & T.Zed tomorrow at 8pm BD time,
This is a single from “Shantaram” album which will be released exclusively by NS Production on all major streaming platforms soon (Date to be confirmed yet).
We started this project back in 2019 and now finally the time has come to release this amazing Album,
All the tracks are fully produced and engineered by myself, the whole project is very versatile.
It isn’t bonded to one style but rather embraces all the styles mastered in recent years,
you will find Old school, New Age and even UK Drill sounds and the reason is that art doesn’t have boundaries.
Shantaram is the name of my all time favourite book which the project has been inspired from, the whole Album somehow resembles emotions lived in the book itself. A Special thank you goes to all the amazing Artists involved in this.. without them this wouldn’t have been possible! – NS
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